lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014


I was talking to one of my friends she has a lot of money, and she told me a story of one of her Gay friends, this guy didn't "want to come out of the closet" like people says he was afraid of the judgement from his family, as like something very normal. I'm not homosexual, but I have best friends been homosexuals and they are the best. So my friend was telling me the situation and once she told him: -Hey you know if you tell everybody else that you like guys, you will see who is gonna stay by your side and be a true friend- Is like me I have money and I've learn who wants to be my real friend and who wants to be a friend because they want to ask me for something. 

Come to think this is real, a lot of times we do take care of the wrong people, meanwhile the true friends are there not even asking for favors, not even asking for money, not even asking for nothing just been close to us an just chat about life.  Like our pets, they are always there for us.

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