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What a mysterious way of feel other person's life, thoughts, body, soul.

When we grow up we think that we will find a perfect prince and boys thinks about become a police man or firefighter, when they become adolescents they do see girls with different eyes. But why we are not happy with what we have. Why the rate of divorces is growing in such a big scale. Why we are not able to fight back for the relationship. We need to talk with the person that we felt in love.. Otherwise that happy end will actually end in despair.

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014


I was talking to one of my friends she has a lot of money, and she told me a story of one of her Gay friends, this guy didn't "want to come out of the closet" like people says he was afraid of the judgement from his family, as like something very normal. I'm not homosexual, but I have best friends been homosexuals and they are the best. So my friend was telling me the situation and once she told him: -Hey you know if you tell everybody else that you like guys, you will see who is gonna stay by your side and be a true friend- Is like me I have money and I've learn who wants to be my real friend and who wants to be a friend because they want to ask me for something. 

Come to think this is real, a lot of times we do take care of the wrong people, meanwhile the true friends are there not even asking for favors, not even asking for money, not even asking for nothing just been close to us an just chat about life.  Like our pets, they are always there for us.

A great quote from a Great Man.

jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

Eat fruit—don't drink 'em


"Skip juice and eat the whole fruit, instead. You’ll not only get more heart-healthy fiber in your diet (3.5 g for a small apple versus .5 g in a glass of juice), you’ll also stay satisfied, longer. Research shows that fiber aside, liquid carbohydrates just aren’t as filling as solids. "When you chew a food, you generate more saliva, which in turn carries a message to the brain that your gut needs to get ready for digestion," explains Koff. "Drinking doesn’t require such digestion, so the body doesn’t register that it’s full as quickly." Plus there are the extra calories—48% more if you’re drinking that juice rather than eating the whole apple. (Do that daily and you may gain up to 4 pounds by year’s end.)"
For more information you can visit: www.prevention.com

Patience is everything...

No body said that it was going to be that Easy.

You need to live your life, not the others. Your life it's more important



If we speak in matters of Social Ethics Yes Mr. Einstein was right. But about Medical Ethics or the ones that involves human or animal life we have to consider them a little bit more.

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Time to enjoy your life.



We can do this!

We need to learn how to learn, in times like this, everything has been created so we can learn the potential of things within our selves.

We need Nature

It's hard

Sometimes to believe that we are equal is so hard for us... we need more Tolerance.

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014


Just because you believe in your principles that doesn't mean that you can't have character or that you can't learn new things, think, live and enjoy the ride.




Why competition and comparison?

To be the best, the first, most famous and most popular, are values that over time have come to be the unique mission in life, so that people get stuck in the race to win and confused or forget their real needs, interests and motivations.

Recognition and coronation to the triumph have become essential motivators some way determine and generate false expectations. These, as a result,
encourage anxiety, envy and - above all - increased sense of self and competence without fellowship, creating a materialistic society and in many cases even unscrupulous.

Every person is unique, but also his mission in life. Everyone has their own needs, personal challenges and achievements. The comparisons are useless when they are left alone a sense of inadequacy an empty, and generate frustration and a need for more and be what the other Is.


lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014

Sitting = Smoking

The new doctor said "sit equals today to what it was smoking" is not an exaggeration, tells the October edition of the "Mayo Clinic Health Letter." While most people do not smoke, everyone sits and many do every day for quite some time. In fact, many employees sit for 15 hours a day.
The underlying message is becoming more clear: It is important for health, to exercise daily, but also have to pay attention to the time we spend sit.


Different races can coexist, why humankind it's so difficult to understand the small differences between color and culture. We can learn from others.

What if we can run without shoes?

I was reading that it seems as per Harvard investigators, if we run without our sport shoes we can have more benefits for our health. 
This theory is based on the scientists found that those who run without shoes, fall into the front of the foot, which causes less impact on the body. When running with shoes, usually supported foot heel down, which generates a strong impact which is about two or three times the body weight.

So... are you willing to run without shoes??



Because now days life can be really hard with the office desk work

Try to get Involve yourself with the good.

Try to get Involve yourself with the good

Just Live It!

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014


I was just checking a couple of days ago an interview with the definition of beauty, so pretty much has to do with the skinny, blond, tall, blue eyes girl. For guys it's the six pack in the abdomen and as well the perfect chin with the perfect glance or might say the bad boy. Well that's not reality well great for the ones that are like that, but what happen with the other 90% of the world wild population?

We can be any sizes, any height any color. Yet Hitler and his perfect race... still continues that what they are selling to us, with creams, shampoos, perfume. 

It's that really necessary?  Does commercials those advertisement do they affect to us?

There was a little girl saying to her mother "Mom I don't want Ice cream I can get fat"  I would love to say that at my age. But I enjoy Ice cream. This girl was only 6 years old and skinny. I ask her the reason. She reply to me " My mom makes diets she want's to be like a model so do I"

Again do we really need perfection to be sell to us in a massive way?

Sleep, Eat, Love and Pray

Just because Osho gives good quotes for life.

Osho Quote

Because there still solidarity

Why is this possible. n the world some animals can get a long. They are different they are deadly enemies (meaning food) and still they get a long.

The only changes that we have is the name that we use for God. At the end it comes to the same result some divine force, soul, celestial body, universe, Sun. As you will like to call us that we do believe that exist and make a lot of situations possible. 

Again we still killing people for politics, money, land. At the end we all are Humans that have different thoughts different skin color. And that's what makes life fascinating learning new things new cultures, even do u don't share eating bugs or some animals like snake meat. We can learn a new culture why they do that and if we can or not follow or do the same, or even more magnificent we can teach them about our culture, our family our "race". At the end we win or lose it's our choice.  

To welcome the Weekend, even do there is a couple of us that needs to work... For the others. A nice combination of music. To enjoy and have a little bit of more energy

Life is like a Journey, and we can always enjoy life without any Five stars Resort

jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

Because we need love for us!

Even do the look of the life it's hard, remember to enjoy the nature it's your life no body else, so you need to have a break and enjoy.

Just be yourself..!

There was always the story of the gold at the end of the rainbow... 

So why we don't start thinking that the waiting will be worthy and we will get at the end a reword. Just be patient with your surrounds and find some peaceful place to think and even to talk to yourself.

How we can be creative an make music make art make everything

"Anna Kendrick - Cups"

Just Because...

When you first talked to me, I couldn't think.

miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Another quote by Osho

Beautiful thought by Osho

Just remember even if we feel alone in this planet... We are not.. we just need to talk more to others.

When want to help, we really do not have an Idea of the amount of people that can make a positive change, just by a little touch of our help. 

Let's talk about....

Donald Taylor "Don" Ritchie,  (9 June 1925 – 13 May 2012) was an Australian who officially rescued 160 people from suicide as of 2009 over a 45-year period, although his family claims the number is closer to 400. Ritchie resided next to The Gap, a cliff in Sydney, Australia, known for multiple suicide attempts. In 2006, he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his rescues, the official citation being for "service to the community through programs to prevent suicide."Ritchie and his wife Moya were also named "Citizens of the Year" for 2010 by Woollahra Council, the local government authority responsible for The Gap. He received Local Hero Award for Australia in 2011, the National Australia Day Council saying: "His kind words and invitations into his home in times of trouble have made an enormous difference ... 
With such simple actions, Don has saved an extraordinary number of lives."
Ritchie explained his intervention in suicide attempts saying "you can't just sit there and watch them"

All in this life it's about patient...

To be patient to learn how to love yourself.
To be patient in the tolerance to others.
To be patient to be the best in your school or work.
To be patient with your family or with your loved one.

It's hard and it's boring but we need to learn and we will win more for our selves.

Make the Difference

Always remember.. Enjoy Nature