viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Because there still solidarity

Why is this possible. n the world some animals can get a long. They are different they are deadly enemies (meaning food) and still they get a long.

The only changes that we have is the name that we use for God. At the end it comes to the same result some divine force, soul, celestial body, universe, Sun. As you will like to call us that we do believe that exist and make a lot of situations possible. 

Again we still killing people for politics, money, land. At the end we all are Humans that have different thoughts different skin color. And that's what makes life fascinating learning new things new cultures, even do u don't share eating bugs or some animals like snake meat. We can learn a new culture why they do that and if we can or not follow or do the same, or even more magnificent we can teach them about our culture, our family our "race". At the end we win or lose it's our choice.  

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