viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014


I was just checking a couple of days ago an interview with the definition of beauty, so pretty much has to do with the skinny, blond, tall, blue eyes girl. For guys it's the six pack in the abdomen and as well the perfect chin with the perfect glance or might say the bad boy. Well that's not reality well great for the ones that are like that, but what happen with the other 90% of the world wild population?

We can be any sizes, any height any color. Yet Hitler and his perfect race... still continues that what they are selling to us, with creams, shampoos, perfume. 

It's that really necessary?  Does commercials those advertisement do they affect to us?

There was a little girl saying to her mother "Mom I don't want Ice cream I can get fat"  I would love to say that at my age. But I enjoy Ice cream. This girl was only 6 years old and skinny. I ask her the reason. She reply to me " My mom makes diets she want's to be like a model so do I"

Again do we really need perfection to be sell to us in a massive way?

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