viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014

Having Sex... Or making love

It's healthy, It's relaxing, and it helps you to have a nice skin.

You can always have new ideas, new positions to try, don't feel shy with your partner, remember you can always trust your couple, if you trust your couple to be naked you can also trust your couple to talk how to improve the experience of sex or making love. 

Try to be passionate in everything with your couple, try to to be gentle and try to enjoy. 

When you are finished no matter what.. If you want more or need more and your couple it's tired. Don't get anxious or frustrated. If you do have the extra energy try to make a massage for him/her or even take a shower to relax, you will see that she/he will get back to action, just don't push things.

Remember be happy, everything needs to be perfect but you need to take time to make it that way.

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