jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Our past


In this post I will not speak about our life... 
I will speak about our roots, our grandparents.

Now days people might think, they are hindrance and obstacle for our lives.

Do not believe that!

If you may know someone that can think like this, you can always try to explain to that person or invite them to read my posts.

Grand Parents its like the word it self Grand, they will always have a story to tell, they are in a different level of knowledge. They  have lived life, they can teach you not to make the same mistakes or worst, they can take care of you, if you are without parents, because parents are occupied working. They can cook for you, they can take you to a school play, they are a very important support for our lives. They are our roots.

We need to  treasure them more, hear them, love them.

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