miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

Society and self-esteem

 Now days we can see in the television, radio, bus-stop, even in the bus, in out cellphone apps, all related to consuming saying that if you don't use an specific brand you will be ugly, or fat, or not fit for our society.

Well guess, it's only for you to buy, buy and get more financial difficulties, or health difficulties. 
 Sadly, there are many people on the Earth that believe in all this lie. 
* They get skin illness for so many make-up. 

* Lower back problems for high heels or even for some sport shoes that are not fit for your body (they don't explain that to you).

* Dry hair, or you start losing your hair.

* Eye problems for the sun glasses. 

* Rash for the material of the clothes.

You need to understand, if you really need high heels, or what type of sport shoes you need, or the material/ingredients of the make up. Or even the strength of the protection for the sun glasses. 

You can think positive by saving some money, cooking for yourself and learning healthy an delicious recipes good for you and your family or friends.

There are things been sell to you unconsciously and you are not even noticing how much money are you expending and it's affecting your self- esteem.


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