viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

Relax yourself and gain more Time.

1 Know your usual speed, which means that everyone must know when work more efficiently, there is day and night people, everyone should be able to recognize when your mind is exhausted, feeling fatigue, performance decreases. When that happens you have to take a break or change activity to achieve relaxation and recover.

2nd Target your life. Keep track of the day's activities, giving priority to the most important so that time becomes more handy and controllable.
Avoid multitasking. By distributing attention increases the possibility of errors.
3rd Learn to say no and set limits on their availability. Do not allow interruptions when you are busy. Turn off your cell phone and delayed the replies to this. These measures will improve performance. Because doing so means taking the time and lose focus of what you are doing.
People often asks you to do things because they think that you are qualified or because they do not want to. That doesn't  necessarily mean that you should.
4th Delegate. Raise the level of awareness that you are NOT the only person with the ability to make things. Accept or ask for help from people close to you. 
 Allowing you to have more energy and more time for more important tasks.
5th Check your impulses, you need to think before speaking, or commit yourself to avoid having to apologize later.

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